Custom8™ - Get the music you always deserved

A picture of Goto80 describing incentives to subscribe to the service in a very retro-computing marketing aesthetics

Why not pay for something real this time?

Custom8™ is a revolutionary service brought to you by the swedish lo-fi visionary Goto80.
The idea is simple, describe what kind of songs you would like, and Goto80 scans through his 20-year back catalogue to find the right songs for you.

He can offset anything from dark noise to ultra cute pop, from slow drones to frenetic breakrock, ogg jazz grooves to pounding techno.

Take a chance today!

Order your Custom8™ today.

Fill in the form and paypal 30 euros to You will receive an e-mail with a link to download your custom release, normally within a week. 30-300 minutes of MP3-files that might (not) have been released before, as Goto80 or not.

Maximum 1,000 characters.

This is where you receive the music.

(only if different from above)

If you want to avoid surprises, we recommend using specifically abstract terms when ordering. If you want to talk genres, here are some suggestions: pop, acid, dub, bossanova, skweee, gabber, dub, jazz, IDM, noise, italo/disco, breakcore, house, techno, electro, reggae, EBM, drone, ambient, funk, broken beats, rock, happy hardcore, drum n'bass, cowboy, VGM, glitch, metal, rap, ballads, etcetera…

If you don't use paypal or have any questions, get in touch with support services at Please consult your nearest police station to handle the songs in accordance with local copyright legislation.