So coders, how do you explain this?

I made a 5 minute gabber tune in Protracker for my Amiga, but when I loaded it today it had turned into this. It freezes just after you press play, and loops the pattern-position it’s on (usually). But the song keeps changing though.

This is 3 videos edited into one (cuts at 1.08 and 1.33) but no other postproduction has been made. FYI, the speech synthesis in the beginning says Protracker Rules, and is there every time I start Protracker. Hot scripting action!

If you like this, you probably break down in happy tears from this.


Little Computer People 2009

I was at Little Computer People 2009 – the largest 8-bit demoparty in Scandinavia for 15 years, with about 150 people.

I was happy to win first prize with Automatas in the C64-music competition. I spent the week before at the countryside, composing a song specifically to win the compo according to my algorithm. But after a while I gave up to make a good song instead. So obviously my algorithm was wrong. It is an 8x-speed song made in Defmon, meaning that it accesses the SID-chip 8 times faster than usual. This gives you a higher resolution of all the tables, faster slides and LFOs, etc.

In the Amiga music compo, I came second last with my song Konkurs Data. The sounds used are mostly textfiles, pictures, executables, etc – sweet data that Protracker eats perfectly. It is not the recipe for winning demoscene competitions.

Some of the releases I enjoyed especially was the Amiga songs by Yonx and Qwan (mp3s), Zabutom’s Space Fish, Mortimer Twang’s Seved Skweeeeeeeee, Jucke’s Where is Dino?, LFT’s Power Ninja Action Challenge (custom hardware, mp3 here), and many more! Get all the releases and photos


Remix: Icarus – Second inf(E)Rænce

I have made a rather abstract C64+Gameboy-remix of a song by the IDM-experimental duo Icarus. It was released a week ago, and you can listen to and buy it at Boomkat. (note that the beep every 30 second is a Boomkat feature to interrupt the prelisten, but I thought it worked rather niceley – consider it a remix). Other artists included on the CD are for example Karsten Pflum, Badun, Frank Bretschneider, and Xela.

“There are more abstract pathways to be explored here, too. Swedish 8-bit artist Goto80′s radical reworking of Second inf(E)Rænce chops it into microscopic bursts and stutters of atonal sound on which he eventually lays down some beautiful descending bass tones.” / BBC

“insects burrowing underground, Goto80′s “Second First Inf(E)Rænce” mix is as obsessive in its approach as an Icarus original but ultimately of minor interest” textura


WORM-residence: SID-beats and ARP-heat

Since 2007, the allround venue Worm in Rotterdam has housed CEM – a studio that dates back to 1956. Last week, I had the opportunity to spend 4 days there, amounting in around 20 (sketches for) new songs. These will be released over time, but for now you can listen to three tiny teasers at wormstudio.

I used the Arp 2500 and a Commodore 64. I sequenced, played the keyboards and tried different ways of synchronizing them. Eventhough the studio has so many machines to use, I deliberately focused on one in order to gradually improve my trial and error methods (being somewhat inexperienced with modular monsters).

The C64 has analogue filters and is not as deterministic as other computers – something I always appreciated. I saw this residency as an opportunity to amplify and recontextualize these characteristics, in order to take the C64 into a new ultra dimension.

Neither of these machines are optimum for setting exact tempos. Unlike today’s standards they are influenced or even determined by electric currents. On the 10-step sequencer of the Arp, you have a knob to set the tempo, and every millimeter counts. To me it also seemed to fluctuate a bit in the tempo, possibly caused by other signals leaking into the clock signal. (This can be solved, but I like to encourage these things)

On the C64, you normally have predetermined tempo-settings to choose from. If you hear a C64-song, it will likely be in either 125.31 or 150.37 BPM. In European PAL-country that is, because the tempos are derived from the electric current.

However, with my dear Defmon software I can set the tempo with maximum precision – down to a tick of the processor. Going out of the inherent tempos however, has consequences for the sound. You can no longer be sure that envelopes and loops sound the same. To avoid this, I usually have the C64 as master, but this time I adjusted the tempo after the Arp.

The process was this: output the clock signal of the Arp as audio, sample 2 minutes of it, analyze the BPM, convert the BPM into hex-values according to the other speed settings of Defmon, and you got it synchronized. Sort of.

I can hear all you tech-geeks sighing over this lamer solution. But it was wonderful to leave the machines running, hearing them mutate by themselves since they were slightly out of sync, or due to electrical leakages in the Arp and uncontrolled bugs in the C64. From a technical point of view, this might be possible to do with a laptop, but this was sometihng profoundly different from working with über-data-control.

All this amounted to several hours of recordings. Some of these 30 minute improvisations can be cut up in parts, and overdubbed with more C64, to create songs that also relate to eachother quite specifically. But we will see what happens. I already miss that studio with tropical heat and sparkling beats!

> Listen to a few excerpts



Soitetuimmat artistit
1. Dingo (24 krt)
2. Goto80 (10 krt)
3. Bruce Springsteen (9 krt)
4. Elvis Presley (8 krt)
5. Eino Grön (8 krt)

What a list! From radio noise.


Appearance @ Swedish childrens TV tonight

Tonight at 19.30 Goto80 and Skuggan will perform on Swedish TV (Barnkanalen). It’s an Idol / Talent Hunt kind of show, where the crowd and jury consist of 10 year old children. So don’t miss honest critique, castrate vegetable action, and data rock confusion! I’m guessing it will be ripped and shared soon enough …

Get the video of it as torrent or on youtube. Download the full song (which we were not allowed to perform) here


Lamers in the Night

HELLO. Back from this year’s LCP, hanging out with the C64 elite boys, trying to be friends although everybody is just there to win the compos. Hehe. Lately (as in the last years) I haven’t really been up to the challenge of making those winning songs anymore. The tunes I make at demoparties are usually a bit weirder. So bare with me..

Goto80 – Ponky my C64-song, got #3 in the competition. It’s some kind of dub-blues-rock, or something? Made on a 6581 but sounds best on 8580. The C64-emulator VICE does a pretty good job with this. Or, you can check out the ultra-sloppy remixes: MP3#1 and MP3#2.

Made music for two Amiga releases: Otro’s announcement intro for Mazemod – which is an online Amiga radio channel. (not yet really online though, hehe) And yeah, also made a quick’n'dirty module for the new DUREX release: The Message.

Me and Frantik also did a live-set that might pop up online sooner than Pat Boone. Or Bryan Adams. In the meantime you should definitely check out this youtube-clip – recorded in the middle of the first night of LCP… while you were sleeping, losers! Goto80 + Frantik – Summer of 64

More about LCP here


Some pretty trashy uploads to internet2008.se:

Goto80 – Bull i Bit
Goto80 – Baggis (8kbps Doublespeed Error)
Goto80 – Fishbabe
Goto80 – Foros (Volume Rimixi)
Goto80 – g80raggatest1b


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Full text at http://www.fastmp3audio.com/fat-Goto80


Eastern Fire Swim

Video thumbnail. Click to play

Click and video glitch watch! Rock and swim! Goto80+r00s strikes back. Video! Yes! Also check out this making-of video when I hugged bugs to compose (unfortunately without colours):




Internet2008.se is the new black! Data action never dies! Since last year was one Goto80 MP3-release every month, I’ve teamed up with a good friend of mine to top it off: ONE SONG EVERY DAY FOR ONE YEAR! There will not be much chip music but rather …. other things. But today there is a little piece of protracker-styled keyboard jazz music for the mentally hungry:



Goto80+Entter: _2_4X4 (Audiovisual Theorem, MP3+AVI)

01 Pingkann Abyss
02 Fjor
03 Dub of Dubmood’s Dub
04 Underscore
05 Phracking
06 King’s Ear Jam
07 Polygonal Canyon 243313

The November release is on the Spanish label Audiovisual Theorem, and has something to do with techno but it’s not really that obvious. It’s more dark than happy and more experimental than normal. It includes both funk, acid, electro, ambient, buggy dub, house and noise – but somehow it’s all techno!? The video “Polygonal Canyon 243313″ which me and Entter released at the Main07-party is also relased here, and it’s some sort of noisy machinima experiment that you will most likely enjoy. More info here and complete archive here. Hello goodbye!


Another Goto80

But it’s a girl. And she’s going from 100. Kilos. To. 80. You should eat more, girl! Eat it!