HT Gold @ Konsthallen, Sandviken

HT Gold, a C64-game by me and Glenn Again, is now showing at Konsthallen in Sandviken, Sweden. They are also showing some prints from my book Computer Rooms. Also, I was supposed to play live there but had to cancel since, erhm, I mixed up the dates with Superbyte. If I have to blame something, I blame Canada.

Anyway, the exhibition PIXLIGT runs for a month so swing by and try it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo by Rosa Menkman


Kung Fu Glitch in Aix en Provence

Kung Fu Glitch, a little piece of C64-noise that me and Entter did in 2007, is currently showing at Gamerz Festival #09 in Aix en Provence, France. It’s part of 44422435, which was basically an evening of audiovisual butchery in Bilbao. Sorry to everybody whose work we destroyed – you’re welcome!

I’m not sure if this was before or after glitching games was cool. Or was it never cool? Always? I keep forgetting.


An Inventory of Broken Things

I don’t really work with broken things so much anymore. Still, there are times when everything seems broken. Whatever you try to do, there is a problem. Let’s see:

Both my speakers are cracked (now using in-flight “headphones”). The laptop screen is falling off. The cartridge port of the C64 is glitching. There’s the broken SID condom and the left side of the Amiga keyboard doesn’t work.

Obviously this isn’t very helpful. It’s the kind of basic functionalities that perhaps even most glitch/noise artists rely on. But I’ve realised that I always liked this chaos. It’s a kind of techno angst. You’re never safe!

Of course, the SID condom meant that I could bring the C64 into the most absurd electrical jungles. No AC/DC outbursts could touch me! Now I’m back in paranoia land.

This is either stupid lamer-lazy “punk posing” or healthy and genuine non-control. I just know that it’s a productive environment for me. Nothing works, everything is great. Over and out.


Goto80 & Raquel Meyers in cassette vision!

Kissdub recorded our performance at Festival Micromusic #5 with his amazing PXL 2000 camera. It uses normal audio cassettes, in turbo mode.


V/A: 1 Second Chipnoise Comp Which Took Way Too Long (MP3)

066 Goto80 – Sponsored by Gatorade

259 1-second songs in one MP3. Get it here. Songs by Overthruster, 4mat, tonylight, Timeheater, Bit Shifter, Unas, Half an Abortion, Jellica, Toxic Nads, Wisdom (rip, arman), Zyron, d0us, …


Steven Seagal as utilitarian

So I have a twitter-thing, and when I run it through Daniel Jones’ 7+t, this is what it says:

In USA, testcard musicology has to be one-tone begs only. If it’s trumpeter – mad respectz.

skweee is addictive, but there is a curiosity. but it’s only available in sweden.

Finished sonnets for 7″. Rhesus: Steven Seagal. As utilitarian.

Bit För Bit – a homeliness concaveness/demoscene tv-series from 1989 ( Now available as tortellini:

V/A: Exponentials in Soup, Vol.4 – The Soup of Live Perigee


Shut the Fück Up

Just uploaded something abstract to the amazing radio 5TFU. I think it’s an excerpt from a jam together with Linde and Frantic.


Goto80 Mashed Up with … something

“almost incredible ***** this newness music style sucks real good, Mr Aug !” (youtube-comment)

Since first released in the C64-demo Sharp and my album Made on Internet, the song Cykonys went through a transformation in Entter’s Polycanyon 243313, which has now ended up in the video above. It’s an absurd mash-up in true disabled acid style. Thanks AugZF!


Noise + Anarchism in Stockholm + London

29 April, London: HATEBIT w/ Neurobit, Shitmat circuit bending thingies, Spastic Burn Victim, d0us, and me. I will do a little jam together with Dan Stowell.

1 May, Stockholm: Release-party for the new and improved Brand – a 100 year old anarchist magazine (!). I will jam a bit with Rasmus Fleischer here, and Jossystem are VJing!




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Chicken Sound

I think I am making chicken sound, because this is here. Additionally, this is here.