HT Gold @ Konsthallen, Sandviken

HT Gold, a C64-game by me and Glenn Again, is now showing at Konsthallen in Sandviken, Sweden. They are also showing some prints from my book Computer Rooms. Also, I was supposed to play live there but had to cancel since, erhm, I mixed up the dates with Superbyte. If I have to blame something, I blame Canada.

Anyway, the exhibition PIXLIGT runs for a month so swing by and try it out. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo by Rosa Menkman


Kung Fu Glitch in Aix en Provence

Kung Fu Glitch, a little piece of C64-noise that me and Entter did in 2007, is currently showing at Gamerz Festival #09 in Aix en Provence, France. It’s part of 44422435, which was basically an evening of audiovisual butchery in Bilbao. Sorry to everybody whose work we destroyed – you’re welcome!

I’m not sure if this was before or after glitching games was cool. Or was it never cool? Always? I keep forgetting.


Watch Biggest Hockey Now!!!

YEAH! Jacob found a video recording of when HT Gold was big in Copenhagen. It’s a C64-game that Autoboy and I destroyed and improved. He did the assembly-tinkering, I made the sounds and the world became a slightly better place.


Works @ FILE, Rio de Janeiro

I appear in three works shown at FILE festival in Brazil. Raquel Meyers’ Retirementology and L-V–SC-LD-RTH-ND–TH. And also the old classic Kung Fu Glitch together with Entter.


New releases at Datastorm

I released some stuff at the Göteborgian demo-party Datastorm. As Goto80 I made Linkan (C64-song – darkish electro(nica)dub-tronica), Dubskvaller4 (wonky reggae-funk Amiga-song), Acid Burger (C64-demo, PETSCII and acid glitch) and all episodes of Bit För Bit (video). I may or may not have contributed to “the worst C64-demo ever“, SNPFCT3, Sommarfunk, Command Center and something by Christer Ganjabladh. No hits this year – strictly anti-1337!

Also, Jucke performed a DJ-set with C64-music (w/ Seratos), which includes several songs by me. Recommended! MP3 oh yeah.


HT Gold showing in Chicago

GLI.TC/h is an exhibition/conference for noise/glitch/etc, currently kicking arse in Chicago. HT Gold, a C64-game I “made” together with Glenn Again, is there along with some other enjoyable disturbances.


HT Gold @ Playlist

HT Gold is a C-64 piece made by Frantic and me, currently showing at the Playlist exhibition in Brussels. This is a short video documentation of it by Rosa Menkman. “The girl got very frustrated, afraid and almost started crying asking for her mother when the game did not work the way she thought it was supposed to.” >> The sound is not the original soundtrack, but a live-set by Tonylight.


HT Gold @ Pixxelpoint, photos by Rosa Menkman. When the last CRT TV and C64 is gone, this is gone too.


Rosa Menkman + Goto80 @ Media Playgrounds

I will make a very short performance during Rosa Menkman‘s talk at Media Playgrounds in Amsterdam on Saturday. Media Playgrounds takes place in several European cities, and presents creative ways of dealing with broadcast media by community media practitioners, professional and emergent artists. If you want to attend, you need to reserve a seat by e-mail. Read more about it here.


Electric Kitten and Monster

Boogerlab, who surprised the world with this video, s/he/it has done it again! This time it is a kitten being datamoshed with another song of mine.


HT Gold @ Pixxelpoint, Slovenia

The new media festival Pixxelpoint is showing HT Gold December 4-11 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia/Italy. Other artists participating include Vuk Čosić, Ian Bogost, Oliver Larić, Rosa Menkman, Florian Cramer, UBERMORGEN.COM, Tonylight, Olia Lialina, Michael Bell Smith, and many more.


Accidents in Celluloid and Pixel

Filmmuseum Amsterdam has a Celluloid Remix Project for which Rosa Menkman made a video with my Arp2500-music. The first one is in colour (after a while), and the second one is black and white. Two other works by her, recently released in new versions, use music that I made under the name Extraboy aswell: Radio Dada and compress process.