Some of my recent projects include Acid Burger (perhaps a music label), Polybius (A/V performance for brainwashing), Gotozilla (live soundtrack to Godzilla movie) and HT Gold (c64-game + glitch art).

My first project was the demoscene group Hack n’ Trade (1993). From that grew the micro-pop duo HT (1996). Parallell to that I made “hi-fi” electronica as Extraboy, and still do occasionally. Superdöner was founded around 2003 and introduced the combination of kebab, punk rock and Gameboy. A slightly similar project was Goto88 and the Sunshine Band that only performed once or twice. In Tel Aviv. Yikes.

Other projects include the labels Labelable and internet2008. Chipflip, is a never-ending research blog (and label?) about low-res things. And finally, if you’re looking for my diary written in googlewhack then check out internet2007.

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