Get my book!

After being commissioned by Click Festival and awarded by F.A.T, my book Computer Rooms is finally available to order! It’s a collection of photos of people’s computer rooms. Both from geeks other people. From the book:

“This is what computer culture really looks like. A collection of photos that show the messy reality behind the shiny online facade. Where we make our living and spend our free time. And try to be creative. Or maybe even worse.”

The book has 36 pages of full colour photographs that the owners of the rooms have sent to me. The design was made by Raquel Meyers. So what did I do? Except for text, I collected photos like this for 4 years and sorted out the gems for you. So go and get it! It’s only 15 american dollarez.

Btw, don’t mind the bad picture at lulu. It looks a lot better printed (for once). Oh, and all the photos here were taked by Geraldine Juarez.

> Info & order
> Article at (German)
> Post on Prosthetic Knowledge


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