I put out a noisy acid choon for Acid December a few days ago. There’s lots of nice music there from people like Linde, Vim, Salkin, etc.

Hotlinkin’ like a bad boy: MP3

Also at Soundcloud


#2 at Gerp’s Amiga Music Competition

Turns out I ended up #2 in the Amiga music competition at Gerp, a Swedish demoscene party. My song, Fucktop3, was made for a project with Otro a few years ago, but it was never finished.

It’s in the same vein of Mega Amiga. Some sort of 80′s electro funk hip house something? This track is a bit more towards electro than Mega Amiga though.

Download my song and the other ones from my Amiga crew Up Rough here. It’s in the mod-format so only true acid hackers can play it.

The image was made by Spot / Up Rough for the Amiga pixel graphics competition.


Long Lost Music Finds Internet2008

In 2005 I made the music for Entter’s project Illegal Heroes. Someone asked me for the song, and it seems like I forgot to release it into the wild. So here it is! 7 years later. Or, 3 actually. Because it’s released in October 2008. Check it out:

On The Run


New Collaboration Song With Neurobit

The Dutch breakcore/drone artist Neurobit just released 5 Attempts to Synq the Elements. It includes a track we made together in Amsterdam in 2009.

It’s basically some sort of minimalist ambient, where I C64-improvise on top of Neurobit’s trickeries with the Nintendo DS. You can tell that it’s 101% de-synchronized! Download it for free from Lowtoy.

The song is taken from a session where we recorded something like 5 songs. Maybe they’ll get released some day!


Diamond Flash

Diamond Flash is a new Spanish movie from Psicosoda Films. It uses my Amiga chiptune Aaf, made in 1997. You wouldn’t have guessed that from the poster, would you? A daring choice of music, so big cinema applause for Diamond Flash! I wonder if there are any more movies with Amiga music…



I made this remix for ???’s excellent dub/skweee/hiphop release which you can consume here (or read about here). And btw, the next release for Chipflip is already in the works and it’s going to be a compilation with a magical touch of floppy.


Konkurs Data: Text File Hip Hop in Protracker

85 kilobytes of hip hop, with samples from text files etc (as usual). Released in 2009. The mod-file is at modland.


A Humongous Directory of Birds

Dirbird from Cherry CD. Some sort of ballad-step? Vocals are by KARR – the evil twin of KITT in Knight Rider. Back to back with Protracker 2.3!


Sword Step

Released a little song at devsound. The original is here, but this one has some vocalistiks by me and Acid Terrorist.



Handouts from Cherry CD.



Makedir – some sort of slow funk hip hop skweeoid thing, from Cherry CD.


“Preview from the new 7″

Oh, I just found this preview of my upcoming 7″ on Pingipung this summer. Vocals by Raquel Meyers, orchestrated by a dirty little 6581 chip. It’s part of the Summer of Seven, and the first one is already out. The second one will be by Peter Presto, which is one of my favourite cute-dub producers around. And he also wrote the first book about chipmusic a few years ago, oh yeah! So go get some Pingis Pung!