New Remix Out

I remixed Misty Mystic by Paladin Shield for their new cassette Road to Alchemy. Stream/buy on Bandcamp.

Maybe this style can be called Indie screw? It took just a few hours to do, and I’m quite satisfied with the hazy results. Smeary and spikey, crikey.


Nyhlin’s Killer Piller Remix

Nyhlin made this jumpy cover of Killer Piller a while ago, and now it’s available on his new album on Spotify so go-go!

> The original version (2007)


Wealth Transfer Piracy Power Bass Paranoid Statistics Trance

On August 28, Geraldine Juárez is showing her Wealth Transfer at Piracy Today – a London-exhibition by Hardcore Software. Geraldine made music based on the waveforms of stock market crashes, and I did a remix. It’s like finance disco pop with equal amounts of total power bass and paranoid statistics trance. FACT mentioned this among 10 absurdly limited records.

> thecreatorsproject
> DAZEDdigital


Goato80 Goes On Tour

Get all the details over at Swedish VJ Union.


My Cute Pop Music

I made a remix of JulieHally’s first single, Maji-Kaji. Out now on CD in Japan! It’s kind of fast, ultra poppy, and has a feel-good-about-the-world vibration going on.

JulieHally consists of, well, Julie & Hally. Hally is a big name in the chipscene and in 2005 he turned my easy listening song into frantic pop. Anyway:

> Prelisten to my remix
> Info & order


V/A: Crack That Chip (MP3, 8-bit Operators)

11 Goto80 – Mongoloid

8-bit Operators is back with another tribute compilation of remixes, this time with Devo. I worked with Mongoloid, and I actually tried to make a remix of that when I started to make C64-music back in the day. So good to finally finish it. But it’s more like FM ST-01 BACON ROCK this time. Enjoy!

I think Devo has personally approved of this compilation, and all the legal blublublu has been taken care of. Legal freedom, oh yesh!

> Stream, buy, download, crack at Bandcamp


Curt Lazers – Jag Var Bättre Förr (MP3)

Curt-Lazers is the future of dansband. It’s released by Mutantswing, run by the grandmaster of blood partying, The Toilet.

Cover art made by Ekta, who also did the penis/cable man for Made on Internet. And there is a remix in here by yours truly. It’s some sort of frenetic FM-dansband mish-mäsch thing.

Get it nauu!



This was a surprise! A compilation with remixes of a song I made in 1997, which is in the it-doesnt-get-more-chip-than-this genre. Organized by Pingo, the italo-disco-movie-producer-radio-man. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify and all that stuff. Released by SouthPoleRadio.


CIA remix

A freudian frenchie remixed my song CIA Timing. Nice work!


Yotaro (Goto80 Remix)

I used this video as is, and added some FM-sounds. Uh…


Get Down da Funk Me (Anarkhan Edit)

Here is a mix with artists from last year’s Nordik Impakt festival which I forgot to post here before. It has a special edit of an funky (?) Amiga song I made in the 1990s. I vaguely remember listening to this mix and liking it. I hope it wasn’t all a dream. There’s Herbaliser, Vitalic, Dubmood, Boys Noize, etc. I can’t believe it’s not butter.


Goto80 Mashed Up with … something

“almost incredible ***** this newness music style sucks real good, Mr Aug !” (youtube-comment)

Since first released in the C64-demo Sharp and my album Made on Internet, the song Cykonys went through a transformation in Entter’s Polycanyon 243313, which has now ended up in the video above. It’s an absurd mash-up in true disabled acid style. Thanks AugZF!