Goto80: C?B?? T?A? (CD)

My new album is here: C?B?? T?A?. That means Cyber Tsar in … no language at all. But anyway – it’s a 61-minute CD put inside a 5.25″ floppy, designed by Raquel Meyers. It features some rare tracks released over the past years and plenty of new material.

You’ll get jazz, pop, electro, drum n’ bass and bass, rock, and breakcore as usual. This time there’s also more gloomy IDM-ambient stuff than usual. I’m actually quite pleased with it. I hope that’s a good sign. Come and get it!

Paypal 12 euros to to get your copy. If you don’t use Paypal, get in touch at and we’ll fix it.


Animal Romantics (MP3/Javascript, Chipflip)

Me, Raquel Meyers & evilpaul made a new thing! An online maxi-single with visuals made in Javascript and C64 text graphics (PETSCII). The song and visuals describe the construction of a monkey-dreaming sextext-lady.

Features some very good remixes by Limonious, Dr. Vector, The Toilet, Steve and Ljudit Andersson.

CLICK IT, magistern!

Made for the pl41nt3xt pavilion at the Wrong art biennale in São Paulo, with over 300 artists. They’ve also organized a number of AFK-events. And we also put it on Chipflip.

So it’s another release in a strange format. It’s audiovisual, but not video. It’s demosceneish, but not for the scene. Personally, I’d like to call this one a music disk, but it’s not exactly an established term. Should we just calt internet multimedia?

Anyway. You can insert your own text messages in the menu and get a custom URL for it. So send some <3 to your friends!

> Punk Arcade gives some love


* (DVD Dead Drop MP3)

* is a mini album with 7 songs in an eerie dub/jam style. It is only available through a hole in the wall of the Museum of Moving Image in New York. Until March 4. It’s part of DVD Dead Drop Volume 5, curated by Fach & Asendorf and uses an installation by Aram Bartholl.


Yeah, you bring an empty DVDr to the MOMI, look for the hole, insert the disc, and in 7,5 minutes the DVD pops out with works from 78 (net) artists such as A Bill Miller, Constant Dullaart, Daniel Rehn, Francoise Gamma, Jörg Piringer, Max Capacity, Nicolas Sassoon and Yoshi Sodeoka.

My release is mostly done with a C-64, a TR-808, a Casio keyboard and plenty of echoes & reverb. It also includes a sample from Ring P1 that disses self-proclaimed experts on the storage of water, courtesy of Altemark.

This continues my past years experiments in distribution. There’s been vinyl and minidisc, Kopimi-licenses, MP3 and executables, a video playlist, music disks for web and Playstation Portable, a letter and last but not least – a real McDonald’s cheeseburger with a mini-DVD! Read more here.

> How to burn a DVD video
> DVD Dead Drop @ MOMI
> Fach & Asendorf

Photo by Kim Asendorf.


Come Together / Warm Leatherette (Skwica 7″)

There’s a new 7″ out on Skwica, a sister label to the original skweee label Flogsta Danshall. It’s a split between me and Yuri Suzuki. My song was previously released here. Lo-fi grooves for the modern shemale! Get it nau!

> Buy at Skwica
> Prelisten at Suzuki & YouTube


Goto80 & the Uwe Schenk Band: The Ferret Show (MP3, Upitup)

01 Ponky Fonky Ferret
02 Cable Swingin’ Ferret
03 Decibel Detektif
04 Thriller Iller
05 Volksing Ferretismico

The Ferret Show is a live audiovisual musical that was performed live in Stuttgart. Now it’s available as free kopimi MP3 at Upitup! It’s a jazz ambient pop frenzy dub session, performed by me and the amazing band from Uwe Schenk trifft. And PETSCII visuals by Raquel Meyers.

> Get it now!

> Check out the video recording


Want a Free Funk App?

Open Funk Sores is a collection of funk tracks accompanied by frenetic pixel gfx by Raquel Meyers. It first appeared as an MP3/MOD netlabel release in 2008, and then as a musicdisk for Playstation Portable, and then as an online musicdisk. And now it’s an iOS app too! All courtesy of EnoughRecords.

Get the app here.

PS. Funk is the future!


Goto80 & Warren Myles: Virtual 7″

1. happybirdday
2. okulla

A couple of years ago I made some lo-fi tracks together with Warren Myles. It’s some kind of cassette pop style, and two songs are now available for free over at Bandcamp as Virtual 7″. Stay hungry!


Goto80 + Raquel Meyers: 2SLEEP1 (Playlist, Chipflip)

2SLEEP1 is a playlist of audiovisual performances in text mode, designed to make you fall asleep. The idea is to show the music being composed in real-time (Exedub) along with typewriter-style animations (e.g. Sjöman).

Both the music interface and the graphics are built up from text symbols. This means that the (graphical) objects can work together with the (musical) instructions, on a visual level. Vank is a first rough test of this and Matsamöt makes a similar thing, without the improvisation. Finally, Echidna is a silent movie with semi-live music.

Made by Raquel Meyers and me, mostly using c-64 and Amiga. The videos are early explorations of new methods, so it’s rather brutal at times. Greetz to Poison (rip) and Toplap!


Goto80: Summer of Seven 5/7 (7″/MP3 Pingipung)

A: Sombanova
B: Mamasita

10 years ago I released my first 7″, so this is the right time for another one. A skweee-bossanova that goes drum-machine Squarepusher (?) and a romantic dub-pop song with Acid Terrorist vocals. Available as 7″ (only 200 copies) but also as MP3 in all those iTunes-Beatport kind of places. More details at Pingipung’s page.

You can listen to the B-side’s dirty 6581 action here. The vocals were improvised by Acid Terrorist, while I was dubbing away with an SX-64 and Wersiboard with a hacked Defmon. The A-side is made with more modern hardware, but uses a 16 millisecond loop for all the instruments except the drums.

If you like the B-side, you’ll like the next audiovisual text mode sleep release that I’m making with Raquel Meyers. Stay hungry! And also: check out the rest of Pingipung’s Summer of Seven series. Almost completely chip-free, yeeess!

Update. Today (4 june, 2012) I realised that the melody of Sombanova is from Raymond Scott’s Portonofino 2. Very strange experience. Sometimes melodies come from cosmos and dreams, sometimes from hard work, and sometimes from other songs. Afaik, this is the first time I do this.


Goto80 & Raquel Meyers – Acid Burger Menu 1 (DVD/burger)


Acid Burger is the order of the day: an eatable acid project! This first menu was launched and sold out at Blip Festival Tokyo. Since then there were some research complications, but now it’s available for the general public!

It seems to be a burger/mini-DVD/acid object with music by me, video by Raquel Meyers and some contributions from other people, like vocals by Notendo. 303/606/64/707/808 oh yeah.

All of this is yours for 10 euros + shipping. Get it at


Goto80: Cherry CD

01 Hey hey
02 Decibel detective
03 Makedir
04 Dirbird
05 Late morning coffee disco
06 Cable swingers
07 Aiw4x
08 Handouts
09 Zambie remix
10 Disco dengu
11 Retirementology
12 Bad television remix
13 Retirementology remix
14 Super poke remix

+ Videos: Retirementology by Raquel Meyers and Late Morning Coffee Disco by Fabio Dondero

After four years, here’s my next CD-album. 14 songs and 2 videos, with PETSCII design by Raquel Meyers in a nice DIY-packaging. It has a remix by Herv, and my own remixes of Ugly Megan, Spookey Ruben and Mariah Carey. Released in Russia this weekend, but later available for 10 euros including shipping costs. Paypal me!. Perhaps you might be interested in an ACID BURGER or some t-shirts aswell.


Goto80: Breakfast (Bleepstreet MP3)

do you like?

01 Breakfast (Radio Edit)
02 Breakfast (Beta Edit)
03 Breakfast (Terminal11 Remix)
04 Breakfast (Liquid Stranger Remix)
05 Breakfast (Neckbreaka Remix)

Out now on Bleepstreet. This is pure breakfast euphoria, mediated through funky breakdance disco speech synthesis, with remixes by Liquid Stranger, Terminal 11, and Neckbreaka. Cover art by Raquel Meyers. Mastering by Martin Stääf. (iTunes, Beatport, and many other MP3-shops)

Also check the video by the C-Men, celebrating 10 years of Amiga VJ:ing this year! The video is also available for high-quality download (25mb wmv), just save this link: here. And if you prefer, the Youtube-video here