Philadelphia This Weekend

I’m playing 8static with Boaconstructor, Kite Splash and Trey Frey, with Cheap Dinosaurs on visuals. Will be a blast, d-don’t't’t miss out’t!


Livin la vida Leipzig

On Friday, June 3rd, I’m playing in Leipzig together with Zden on visuals. For many years he has spoiled the demoscene with glitch-industrial imagery, and he’s also developed his very own custom VJ-tool. This is our maiden voyage so come on down to the Distillery! If not for us, then maybe for Karl Marx Stadt and the others?


Live at Festilab in Avignon

I’m performing in Avignon, France on 18 december. It’s the final party of an exhibition with lots of media archeology, games, glitch and other things by eg FAT Lab, Gijs Gieskes, Eduardo Kac and RYBN. Running now and during next week and definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

The party on the 18th will also have the fantastic cassette performer Tapetronic, the glitch veterans Botburg, aswell as the monstrous Extra Tourist. Visuals by the highly relevant Windows 93.

And one of the organizers behind this is the Freesson collective, who once helped me to make that Micro Colorado silly cowboy thing.


Cologne: Concert & ASCII graffiti

I’m playing at Evoke in Cologne this weekend. It’s a demoscene event with concerts each night, so come on over!

After that it’s the PLATINE festival in Cologne, that features a text mode exhibition. This should be really good, with some of the best text artists around. What’s more, I’m going to do some ASCII graffiti there, so wish me luck. ü/


DJ-set at Hackathon

So, I’m doing a 4 hour DJ-set at this Hackathon in Lund, Sweden this weekend. I’ll mostly play other people’s music, but most likely do some own experiments aswell.

I’ll stress these fellas with some hacker beats and chill them down with hippie shiiit aiiit.


Little Tour of Big Australia

Heading to Australia next week! To celebrate I’m releasing a new album (90 minute cassette) that heads down the foggy C64 and 808 ambient electro road. Really happy with this one! They’re quite limited, but if you’re quick I’ll put you on the list to get one if there’s any left after the tour. Use electronic mail.

(The green poster design by Minusbaby. The cassette designed by iLKke. The Square Sounds video made by cTrix I think?)

So — quite happy to be playing with some great artists in good ol’ Oz. Check this out:

March 14: Noise Floor, Sydney w/ MeltUnit, Hedonist, Rob Joyner, NITROX, and more

March 15: Hotel Metro, Adelaide w/ little-scale and Tim Koch.

March 16: Soundpond, Adelaide + stream. Live C64-improv in radio and stream. More info.

March 21: Square Sounds Festival, Melbourne w/ Henry Homesweet, Chip Tanaka, NNNNNNNNNN, and many more!


Australia Hello!

Good news – I’m coming to Australia in March to perform at Square Sounds Festival in Melbourne! Looks like it’s going to be a pretty sweet event, so you shouldn’t miss this if you’re an Australasian.

Will also play atleast one other show, so stay tuned aussies! If you want me to come play somewhere, hit me up.

Hm, so it’s actually been 11 years since I played in Melbourne and Brisbane..


Milano and Rome

Two shows in Italy coming up!

15 january: Megablast, Rome
w/ Mat64, Pira666, arottenbit, Kenobit

16 january: Milano Chiptune Underground #1, Milano
w/ arottenbit, Kenobit, Tonylight


Live in Valencia

I’ll perform at Festival 8 Bits on the 13th of December together with Meneo, Fela Borbone, Henry Homesweet, Ralp and others. Killer line-up!

Also, the documentary Europe in 8 Bits will be shown. So get your azz to bacalao country! Here’s the f***book-event.


Appearance at Aaron Swartz / Piratbyrån screenings

These two movies are screening today on the 21st of October. The first one about the American activist Aaron Swartz who in his fight for internet freedom ran out of steam and ended his own life. The other movie is by Geraldine Juárez and portrays the Bureau for Piracy’s wild kopimi style. After these, I will do a little gig or a talk, or both. We’ll see.

The event is organized by Doc Lounge Göteborg and happens at Bengans. More info here.


Live @ Superbyte

This weekend is going to be good. Don’t miss out! I’ve requested lines and naked boys from the Keff (the VJ), and will also have a special dancer for my show. As for the music, it’s probably going to be mostly Amiga electro/funk/cheese and C64 acid, with a touch of wobble bobble boom boom.

I’m also announcing a new release at this party. More about that later..


Live at Snel Hest & FARM

This Friday I’m performing at the opening for Snel Hest at Bar10 in Göteborg. Also a livecoded rave performance by Yaxu / Algorave, and Dataklubben. Snel Hest is an exhibition at Alingsås Konsthall with people from F.A.T, James Cauty from KLF, Raquel Meyers, and others. Geraldine Juárez put it all together, so better not miss this one! I’m included in Geraldin’e piece Porr i Skogen, and also a little bit in Raquel’s teletext piece.

The day after I will do an improvised C64-set for the party after the FARM workshop (Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design). It’s at 3:e Våningen and starts at 8, with all performances more or less related to live coding. Yeah!