C64 Ambient For Datastorm Breakfast

I’ll play some C64 ambient at Datastorm in Gothenburg on Saturday morning, as the poor demosceners are refuelling with breakfast. I will improvise from scratch with nothing but defMON and a delay pedal, and also over recordings of previous improvisations. I do the best improvisations, so this improvisation will be double best. Truly great.

So, Datastorm is one of the most popular Amiga/8-bit demoscene parties around. Tickets sold out in three minutes this time! So if you don’t have a ticket already, you will have to try to run past the notoriously hard 1337 entrance guards who can crack your life, in order to catch all the good stuff.

Stay safe out there.


Slovenian Jams, Panels & Performances

Two shows in Ljubljana coming up:

Feb 2: MENT festival/conference, as part of the Kamizdat night. I’ll also be in the panel talk FREE/LIBRE MUSIC: ARTIST’S MEDICINE OR POISON?

Feb 6: ZVO.?I.TI (so.und.ing) DUO, doing a solo C64 improv set and a joint performance together with Luka Prin?i? (Nova deViator).


Demobit, Bratislava

Demobit is a demoparty in Bratislava, Slovakia 27-29 January. I’ll play there with Zden as VJ – one of my favourite demo makers on the PC. We played together at one of the oldest techno clubs in Germany last summer (thanks Exlepäng!), and now we’re going to up the game!


Live @ MAGFest, Washington DC

Hey I’m playing at the spectacle of MAGFest this weekend, along with le chiptuners, game rockers, and all of that chipbang. I’ll bring some of the very last copies of the 80864-tape, as well as 0407 and some surprise copies of my 2005 Commodore Grooves CD-album – with hot multimedia action!


Canada, Argentina, Mexico, USA

Upcoming dates:

Montréal, 25 november: Keynote speaker @ IO Symposium
Montréal, 25 november: Workshop @ IO Symposium
Montréal, 26 november: Live @ Toy Company
Waterloo, 29 november: Talk @ Waterloo University (cancelled)
Buenos Aires, 3 december: Live @ Blipblop End of the world party
México City, 10 december: Live @ Format.DF
New York, 17 december: Live @ Babycastles


8static Festival, Philadelphia

Hey, I’m coming back to Philly soon to play the 3-day 8static Festival, which is one of the biggest chip-events in USA nowadays, I think? People like Cheap Dinosaurs, Saskrotch, fearofdark, Danimal Cannon and Nullsleep are playing. Check the full line-up here.


Live in Austin (last week)

Somehow I forgot to blog about the show in Austin that I took part in for Halloween. After a successful indiegogo campaign, they raised enough money to bring me over from California and Colorado, take down the wrestling ring in a beer brewery, and throw a great party!

I have upcoming shows and talks in Philadelphia, Montreal, Waterloo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and New York. Will try to be a bit more informative about those..


California with Kero Kero Bonito

Hey I’m joining Kero Kero Bonito for the California leg of their North American tour. Slime Girls also joining!

Oct 16: San Francisco: Swedish American Hall
Oct 19: Santa Ana: The Observatory
Oct 20: Los Angeles: The Echo
Oct 21: San Diego: Voodoo Room


Impromptuous Set in NYC Tonight

Yes, from 6-9pm tonight I’m doing a small show with KODEK, OG J, KADAVER, NONHORSE and PAPER MACHINE. I’ll do a fully improvised C64-set from scratch, I think, so expect the expected to be expected.

The venue is the Detective Squad, 11 Stanwix St, Brooklyn 11206.

Pictured is Shrimps, the C64 destroyer.


My shortest live performance yet

I did a surprise one-song performance today at I/O in Brooklyn, New York. I did a duet with Macintalk, courtesy of Chipspeech!


Philadelphia This Weekend

I’m playing 8static with Boaconstructor, Kite Splash and Trey Frey, with Cheap Dinosaurs on visuals. Will be a blast, d-don’t't’t miss out’t!


Livin la vida Leipzig

On Friday, June 3rd, I’m playing in Leipzig together with Zden on visuals. For many years he has spoiled the demoscene with glitch-industrial imagery, and he’s also developed his very own custom VJ-tool. This is our maiden voyage so come on down to the Distillery! If not for us, then maybe for Karl Marx Stadt and the others?