8-Bit Operators Does Depeche Mode

8-Bit Operators is a series of releases where chipmusic people remix famous bands. Previous releases have focused on Kraftwerk, Beatles and Devo and now it’s time for Depeche Mode. Just like the previous ones Enjoy the Science is an official release and I’ve been told that Martin Gore has approved it personally.

I’ve remixed my own C64-remix of Boys Say Go from way back when. Fonky & freaky! Other artists on the compilation include gwEm, Herbert Weixelbaum, Aonami, Bacalao, Gameboy Music Club, Firestarter, and many others. So don’t say no, boys say go!


Galaxus – a C64 Comic Book

Galaxus is a new project organized by the legendary C64-artist Chantal Goret. It’s mainly a comic book but also a website, USB-album, t-shirts, and a lot more. I’ve made some music for it, along with Divag and Chantal himself.

Galaxus is looking for funding so please help make this happen! I doubt there’s anything else in the world like this..


V/A: Funky Freaky Freestyley (Datafruits MP3)

New compilation from Datafruits with music that sort of looks like the graphics there. I have contributed with a song along with people like Dr. Vector, Firedrill, Ovenrake and Smoked Meat Fax Machine.

My song, Vatican Power Loop, is a straight-up Amiga module that only uses stolen teenage samples from the early 1990s. Made tons of those songs lately, should release them some day..

> Stream/download


V/A: Music Disk #1 (Bleepstreet MP3)

Bleepstreet starts 2014 with a compilation, and I’m included with the beta mix of Breakfast. Other artists include Henry Homesweet, Covox, Bacalao, Sulumi, TDK and many more.

> Check it out


Acid Burger @ Acid December

So I have a pretty dark and broken acid thingee at devsound’s Acid December compilation. It was first released in Acid Burger menu 1 a while back.


V/A: Touched (MP3)

This massive compilation features 120 songs from such heroes as 808 State, Future Sound of London, Plaid, Arovane, Brothomstates, Datassette, Mr. Projectile, Plone, Tim Koch, Lackluster… and me.

All proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support. So go support this stuff at Bandcamp


V/A: BACKUP13 (Platina, MP3)

BACKUP13 is a festival in Cologne inbetween art and games, and afaik it has its roots in the demoscene. Don’t miss the Amiga ASCII exhibition, because it will have lots of super-printed elite graphics from some of the scene’s finest!

Anyway. This free download compilation features Ponky Fonky Ferret by me and The Uwe Schenk Band. Other artists are Sulumi, Radlib, Poke-1,107, Eric Skiff, Ok Ikumi, The J.Arthur Keenes Band, Kris Keyser, Anamanaguchi and Sycamore Drive.

> Get dauuun!


V/A: Crack That Chip (MP3, 8-bit Operators)

11 Goto80 – Mongoloid

8-bit Operators is back with another tribute compilation of remixes, this time with Devo. I worked with Mongoloid, and I actually tried to make a remix of that when I started to make C64-music back in the day. So good to finally finish it. But it’s more like FM ST-01 BACON ROCK this time. Enjoy!

I think Devo has personally approved of this compilation, and all the legal blublublu has been taken care of. Legal freedom, oh yesh!

> Stream, buy, download, crack at Bandcamp


V/A: Virtual Kikumoto (Kittenrock MP3)

Chip acid compilation on Kittenrock with Hizmi, Linde, Joss Manley and many others. 10 tracks on 10 platforms. My song was made on C64 (demo!). Yahtzy!


V/A: Handheld Heroes Volume One (Bandcamp/DVD)

32. Goto80 – SMSnBass

Three years ago, I submitted a song to Saskrotch for a compilation at Handheld Heroes. Now it’s out! 41 songs by some of the most leet chip-acts on a DVD stuffed with source files, graphics, stickers, etc. Note the custom Gameboy ROM made by Nitro2k01. Get it naaauw!

My song is made for Sega Master System. It’s the first and probably last song for that system that I will ever do. Cover art made by Minusbaby.


V/A: Children of the Bleep (Chip’n'Damned MP3)

08 Goto80 – mcmcmc

The compilation that arose from the grave! From the French netlabel Chip’n'Damned comes a collection of choons from Jellica, Kodek, Computer Truck, Mobb Beep and many others. Freaky free download yeaaargh: Get it!

My song is a slow C64-wobbler made several years ago, when I made several failed attempts at sounding like Herrmutt Lobby.



This was a surprise! A compilation with remixes of a song I made in 1997, which is in the it-doesnt-get-more-chip-than-this genre. Organized by Pingo, the italo-disco-movie-producer-radio-man. It’s available on iTunes, Spotify and all that stuff. Released by SouthPoleRadio.