Matsam0t at Whitebox Art Center

Matsamöt from 2SLEEP1 is screening at CLICK CLICK CLICK / Closing of Coded After Lovelace at Whitebox Art Center in New York, 2 September. Also features works from Lillian Schwartz, Geraldine Juárez, Olia Lialina, Rosa Menkman and many more.



Faxxx back from the dead

Following the success of previous fax performances Fax & frankering for folket at Demoteket and Memoblast at Transmediale, Faxxx Back From the Dead is now live at Click Festival in Denmark. This time we take a step back, so all the content is created by You. So get your fax on at 0045 73738010. Do it now! Before it’s too late!

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Teletext Art on Finnish TV

The International Teletext Art Festival is back, this time on Finnish YLE television. You can watch all the entries as online teletext here. It includes screens from my music software, Remote Control Music Software and also hardcore teletextists such as UBERMORGEN, Raquel Meyers, Max Capacity, Dragan Espenschied, Dan Farrimond, and many more.

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Watch a walk-through of the FULL SCREEN exhibition. You even get to hear a snippet of my music!


Aztec Ballad at Xpo Gallery

FULL SCREEN at Xpo Gallery in Paris explores the future of screens, curated by Aram Bartholl. Raquel Meyers has the PETSCII-piece Aztec Ballad there (losely based on this) for which I did some 606+64 bird electro.

FULL SCREEN also features works by Ai Weiwei, Petra Cortright, Constant Dullaart, Oliver Laric, Evan Roth, Rafaël Rozendaal and more.

Top photo by Olia Lialina.

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Kung Fu Glitch @ Vector Festival

As part of Machiniglitch, curated by Isabelle Arvers, Kung Fu Glitch by me and Entter will be showing in a few weeks at Vector Festival in Toronto, Canada.


L0v3 byt3s

L0v3 byt3s (NSFW) is a PETSCII-conversion of the old xxx-movie Love Bites. We made it as an impersonation of Vuk Cosic, famous for his ASCII-conversions of Deep Throat among other things. L0ve byt3s was made for Daniel Temkin’s exhibition Netvvorth, December 2013.

I made the music together with Zabutom and Linde, Johan Kotlinski coded it and Raquel Meyers did everything else.

The music is basically several long jams, pretty much unedited. The first one is me on defMON and Zabutom on some sort of modular synth monster. We recorded it in the Academy of Music and Drama in Göteborg – the perfect place for pr0n-music!

Somewhere in the middle this FM/ST-01 jam starts with Linde, and then more defMON and so on.

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Animal Romantics (MP3/Javascript, Chipflip)

Me, Raquel Meyers & evilpaul made a new thing! An online maxi-single with visuals made in Javascript and C64 text graphics (PETSCII). The song and visuals describe the construction of a monkey-dreaming sextext-lady.

Features some very good remixes by Limonious, Dr. Vector, The Toilet, Steve and Ljudit Andersson.

CLICK IT, magistern!

Made for the pl41nt3xt pavilion at the Wrong art biennale in São Paulo, with over 300 artists. They’ve also organized a number of AFK-events. And we also put it on Chipflip.

So it’s another release in a strange format. It’s audiovisual, but not video. It’s demosceneish, but not for the scene. Personally, I’d like to call this one a music disk, but it’s not exactly an established term. Should we just calt internet multimedia?

Anyway. You can insert your own text messages in the menu and get a custom URL for it. So send some <3 to your friends!

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Video of the Textmode A/V Jam

The video of the performance yesterday, made with two C64s. I make music from scratch (no sounds or sequences prepaired) and add effects with a delay pedal. The music software is shown on the screen, and Raquel Meyers mixes it together with her typed visuals. Everything is in PETSCII. Thanks to Geraldine Juárez for filming. Dataslöjd power!

The music basically goes from ambient to acid and broken beats (?) to noise. As in any jam, some parts are pretty bad but in general I’m quite satisfied.

The performance was part of Simultáneo in Mexico.

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Streamed Performance on Saturday in Göteborg

Dataslöjd is taking part in Simultáneo, an online event organized from Mexico. Me and Raquel Meyers will make an improvised C64 textmode show around 19.30 (GMT+2) – a bit like this – and then Geraldine Juárez shows Wealth Transfer. 2SLEEP1 is also showing, aswell as other videos from the other artists of Simultáneo.

If you are near Göteborg, drop by Kulturlagret around 19. Everything is streamed online too – stay tuned at Twitter or Facebook if I forget to update this post with URLs.

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Kung Fu Glitch in Aix en Provence

Kung Fu Glitch, a little piece of C64-noise that me and Entter did in 2007, is currently showing at Gamerz Festival #09 in Aix en Provence, France. It’s part of 44422435, which was basically an evening of audiovisual butchery in Bilbao. Sorry to everybody whose work we destroyed – you’re welcome!

I’m not sure if this was before or after glitching games was cool. Or was it never cool? Always? I keep forgetting.


Pics of Remote Control Music Studio

Some photos by ARD Text of my Remote Control Music Studio, exhibited at the International Teletext Art Festival 2013. There’s also a video here, for those who missed it.