8-Bit Operators Does Depeche Mode

8-Bit Operators is a series of releases where chipmusic people remix famous bands. Previous releases have focused on Kraftwerk, Beatles and Devo and now it’s time for Depeche Mode. Just like the previous ones Enjoy the Science is an official release and I’ve been told that Martin Gore has approved it personally.

I’ve remixed my own C64-remix of Boys Say Go from way back when. Fonky & freaky! Other artists on the compilation include gwEm, Herbert Weixelbaum, Aonami, Bacalao, Gameboy Music Club, Firestarter, and many others. So don’t say no, boys say go!


Galaxus – a C64 Comic Book

Galaxus is a new project organized by the legendary C64-artist Chantal Goret. It’s mainly a comic book but also a website, USB-album, t-shirts, and a lot more. I’ve made some music for it, along with Divag and Chantal himself.

Galaxus is looking for funding so please help make this happen! I doubt there’s anything else in the world like this..


Flappy Bird with the Flu

Windy Ping is a flappy bird game by Dacondestudios with a happy song by me that I made when I was a teenager in the 1990s and had the flu.


Video of Live Composing at Friktion

Video of me live-composing music on the C64 at Atalante, Göteborg. It’s about 30 minutes, starting of quite ambientish and then some broken funk with a pinch of gabber at the top. The Friktion event focused on making music live from scratch, and showing the tools. Live coding in a way, but not using text editors.

I recommend you to also check out the performances by Niklas Sjöstrand (with a Buchla) and Simon Mattisson with very nice custom-made Nanoloop-inspired interface.


Live Coding in Gothenburg, 8 April

Friktion features live programmed music by me, Simon Mattisson and Niklas Sjösvärd (also known to chip-people as Sm0hm and Zabutom respectively). The venue is Atalante.

I will start the C-64 and jam from scratch, like I’ve done a couple of times lately. I use the defMON-tracker, so I expect live coding purists will throw rotten kiwis at me.


V/A: Funky Freaky Freestyley (Datafruits MP3)

New compilation from Datafruits with music that sort of looks like the graphics there. I have contributed with a song along with people like Dr. Vector, Firedrill, Ovenrake and Smoked Meat Fax Machine.

My song, Vatican Power Loop, is a straight-up Amiga module that only uses stolen teenage samples from the early 1990s. Made tons of those songs lately, should release them some day..

> Stream/download


Teletext Art on Finnish TV

The International Teletext Art Festival is back, this time on Finnish YLE television. You can watch all the entries as online teletext here. It includes screens from my music software, Remote Control Music Software and also hardcore teletextists such as UBERMORGEN, Raquel Meyers, Max Capacity, Dragan Espenschied, Dan Farrimond, and many more.

> more (in Finnish)



Watch a walk-through of the FULL SCREEN exhibition. You even get to hear a snippet of my music!


Aztec Ballad at Xpo Gallery

FULL SCREEN at Xpo Gallery in Paris explores the future of screens, curated by Aram Bartholl. Raquel Meyers has the PETSCII-piece Aztec Ballad there (losely based on this) for which I did some 606+64 bird electro.

FULL SCREEN also features works by Ai Weiwei, Petra Cortright, Constant Dullaart, Oliver Laric, Evan Roth, Rafaël Rozendaal and more.

Top photo by Olia Lialina.

> Articles in The Verge, Creators Project
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Datastorm Releases

Datastorm is a demoparty. That means that you go there, make some stuff, throw competitions, and see who wins. There is no money involved. And no CVs. No big prizes. No academic explanations, and no PR. It’s like an oasis of freedom. Although there’s too many middle-aged men with bad taste, it’s an incredible thing.

For this year’s Datastorm, me and my Hack n’ Trade group members didn’t have much prepared. But we managed to get a demo together in just two days, and I finished a ballad (!) for the competition too.

Fist of Trade is a sort of spooky typewriter-style animation that only uses PETSCII text characters. I made the music, Acid T*rroreast animated and Mathman programmed the codez. Features amazing four-directional PETSCII scrolls, stone faces and gabber fists from hell. I think the video is made with an emulator, because the sounds are a bit off.

The Great Ballad of the Storm That Never Ends is a futurist ballad from the past. Probably the most calm compo tune I’ve done since that Ajvar Relish dub from 2001. Big thanks to 8GB for some excellent progamming help.

Also the hot crew Afrika used my music for their demos Wasting Data (elite glitch) and Kebab Pjuck II (shoe fetish). The songs are not played correctly so they sound very good.



Kung Fu Glitch @ Vector Festival

As part of Machiniglitch, curated by Isabelle Arvers, Kung Fu Glitch by me and Entter will be showing in a few weeks at Vector Festival in Toronto, Canada.


Two Gigs in Paris for Kids & Adults

Playing two shows in Paris next weekend: one for kids, and one free skweee party. The Yeti Sound Machine – a show for kids (5-10 years old) at Gaite Lyrique on Sunday at 3 PM. Me & Raquel Meyers will make a sort of “movie concert” set in space, featuring yetis and ferrets and radio and virus and so on.

Gorawanga – a skweee party with Wankers United and Glafouk. I perform with Raquel Meyers, and will dig out my whole secret skweee library. If I can find it. Friday January 24th. Free entrance! UPDATE: Venue changed to UDO!