Interview @ Ongaku

There’s an interview at Ongaku where I reveal some of the thoughts and secrets with my latest album, Files in Space. The cassettes sold out quickly, but there’s more stuff coming soon. More about that later.

Meanwhile I prepare my new set for this weekend’s H2Ö in Turku, Finland. Lots and lots of Amiiiggaaa elekktrånikk foonkk!


Boomerang Boy

Here’s the game Boomering Boy, made in 72 hours and using my music.


Live at H2Ö in Turku, Finland

I’m soon playing at the H2Ö-festival in Turku, Finland along with Mad Professor, O Samuli A, Mr Velcro Fastener, Sagor & Swing, Videovalvontaa and plenty more. C u there, perkelizimo!


V/A: Chiptune Charity 5 (Groupees MP3)

Chiptune Charity 5 is a bundle of music, games & other stuff that you can get by paying minimum $1. Files in Space is one of the albums on there. Also, whoever donates the most gets to control me making music for 1 hour. I will be your Dataslav!

Will run for two weeks only. Choose for part of your contribution to be donated to the International Society for Children with Cancer. Featuring Chipocrite, Goto80, Zabutom, Popcornkid!, Mizkai, Carf and more. 2 weeks only.


Munch Munch Boom

A game where you have to prevent fast food from entering this human. Features my Amiga song Datagroove. Munch Munch Boom by Julio Cumana on Vimeo.


Sold Out

9 days later and Files in Space is a sell out. All 100 cassettes are gone! You can still get it on Bandcamp as MP3/FLAC. I’ve been told that iTunes will, after a long thought about Unicode sourcery in databases, make the songs available aswell. But renamed to fit a 1960′s text protocol instead. Such retro.

Spotify thought that the last track (with C64-data encoded as audio, sounding sort of like a fax noise) was corrupt, so they’ve been delayed too. But it might end up there eventually, I suppose. Maybe even with proper song titles.

> Photo by echolevel


Remute’s Crack, Games and Techno Mix

My Mega Amiga song is in this mix, mixed together with Rob Hubbard and Alexander Robotnick. Also features Dr. Vector, little-scale, Da Jormas, RAF Mega Mix, Phuture, Dubmood, Romeo Knight, etc.


Crackers Hate Unicode

This is how the scene group Shelter dealt with the file names of my new release Files in Space. Only 12 cassettes left now, so.. yeah.. don’t download this criminal content! Total Cassette Commerce Today!


Nyhlin’s Killer Piller Remix

Nyhlin made this jumpy cover of Killer Piller a while ago, and now it’s available on his new album on Spotify so go-go!

> The original version (2007)


Goto80: Files in Space (MC/MP3 @ Data Airlines)

This album is my return to the new Music Indiestry after a few years of under-the-radar music distribution. It features 12 songs on one 60-minute-cassette (and digital download) on Data Airlines. Megamix pop, turbo electro, FM swing, adventure funk, wonky beats, and much more! Great design by iLKke. Oh yeah, and there is a mysterious 13th track aswell..

Get it all at Bandcamp. The cassette was sold out after 9 days, but surprise solution coming soon! Also at Deezer & Spotify with lamer-versions of the song titles.





For the last 5 years I’ve mostly stayed away from the control of new music platforms. I’ve made an album called * that was only available in a hole in the wall. I’ve cancelled my membership in the Swedish copyright collecting agency to release music (truly) in the public domain.

With Raquel Meyers I’ve mixed music and visuals together in Javascript, burgers, ASCII and live improvisation. I also made the Dataslav performance in an old police station, where people told me what music to make and I had 5-15 minutes to make it happen. No longer was I the contemplative artist, but more like a stressed worker who didn’t get paid enough. You know..

Well, now I’m back. And I couldn’t help myself trolling a bit. All the song titles have been camouflaged, and mangled with text noise. Even if a letter looks like an F, it is in fact another Unicode-character that just looks like an F. So the songs are pretty hard to search for, or even ungoogleable since Google don’t support Unicode very well. Or well, to be fair – neither do fonts, distribution platforms, social media, URLs, operating systems, and so on. An interesting test for me as a text-mode obsessed.

Secondly, I’ve played around with data formats, just like the corporations do. The last track of the release sounds like annoying beeps, but it is in fact a piece of software. You can run it by putting the cassette into a Commodore 64. It’s the music software that I use, with one of the songs from the album. Aaaand, last but not least – some of the images that are posted around the internet about this release, actually contain music. Yes, really! The cover art above contains three songs from the album. Can you figure out how to get them out of the image?

Photo: OJD

Composed in Sweden, Holland, Ireland and Spain. Pixelled in Australia. Printed in USA. Managed in France and the UK. And some language bots say it’s from Slovakia..

Side B (#7-#13 is mostly based on C64 while Side A is more diverse. Coding by Expander and Ravelli, hi-fi help from Maskinoperatör. Co-produced by defMON on C-64, Protracker on Amiga, Renoise on PC, TR-808, Casio MT-400v, Arp 2500, a gigantic semi-broken mixer and of course Remote Control Music Studio for teletext.

#2 pretty much only uses samples made by teenagers in the years around 1990. Only uses the Amiga super computer.

#4 was used for the PETSCII kids show Yeti Sound Machine with Raquel Meyers.

#8 might have been heard in a diskmag before.

#9 includes burning binary bird sounds by Frantic.

#10 is a jam based around the TR-808 that I got from Xavier, big <3!

#11 was taken from my new soundtrack to Son of Godzilla (out soon?) and was partly made at a residency at the CEM studio (Arp 2500 omg).

#13 is defMON and #8

Photo: 2080

“There are some hits on side A, and side B is just the best stuff ever” / Tero

“the new album ‘files in space’ by GOTO80 on a c60-tape is f***in’ BOSS! ” / remute

“Groovy!” / Max Tundra

“Is goto80 a genre? Because this is how goto80 becomes a genre.” / Stagediver

“Hahaha ! You Punk ! I hope they’ll mess everything up !” / 2080

“Space Bromance is hands down the song title of the year @goto80″ / Boa Constructor

“Frikin love the new release dude!!” / Shirobon

“At least temporarily the best album ever made!” / Linde

“So what’s my favourite track on @goto80′s new album? I don’t know.” / @acdimalev

“3 @goto80 trax won’t open/rename in OSX as they break the filesystem: BRILL! Fortunately got it on cassette too \o/” / Syphus

@jpburstrom suggests this script for mac to asciify the file names.


New Album Preview

Files in Space is out on Sunday! 13 brainblasting songs from smart-soft to stoopid-hard, with bombastic FM megamix pool party stompers inbetween. Teletext techno, skanör electro, amiga rock, skweee, monster pop, dinosaur drone, and so on.

Here’s a 5-minute mash-up of all the songs (and data) on the album. It’s a cassette and “digital download”, released at Data Airlines. Don’t miss out!

Big <3 to iLKke for the design.


Enjoy the Science – Out Now

Today Enjoy the Science is out, with bleepish covers of Depeche Mode songs from the 8 Bit Operators. I’ve remixed my own C64-remix of Boys Say Go from way back when. Fonky & freaky!

Other artists on the compilation include gwEm, Herbert Weixelbaum, Aonami, Bacalao, Gameboy Music Club, Firestarter, and many others. So don’t say no, boys say go!

Get all the linkage around on this page, or head to Bandcamp for easy listening.