New Remix Out

I remixed Misty Mystic by Paladin Shield for their new cassette Road to Alchemy. Stream/buy on Bandcamp.

Maybe this style can be called Indie screw? It took just a few hours to do, and I’m quite satisfied with the hazy results. Smeary and spikey, crikey.


New Cassette Coming Up

I’m putting out a new cassette soon and one of the most exciting things about it is actually the art work, hehe. All the illustration and design was made on a typewriter by the new typewriter master, Lord Nikon.

So keep your eyes open for this one. Will be released by Data Airlines.


My Teletext Art on TV

In 2013 I sort of made a music program for teletext. Screens of it were shown at the International Teletext Art Festival (ITAF), and it is currently showing on the Museum of Teletext Art on the German TV-channel ARD.

Check it out!


10 of the Best Chiptune Tracks

And one of my songs is in there, hehe. This was posted a while ago on Thump, with a selection made by Dot.AY. And my C64 reggae/dub song Ajvar Relish is in there, released years ago on my CD-album Commodore Grooves.

Here’s a video for the song made by Entter using the cassette-based video camera PXL-2000!



One of my songs is in this episode of BLEEPisode, a radio show on PBS in Australia. It’s a nice (non-chippy) retrospect of 2015 with music you most likely haven’t heard, so check it out!


Sound of Surround



Mutantswing Advent Calendar

Hey, I contributed a song for Mutantswing’s Advent Calendar – a new mutated song every day until christmas eve. My song is a freaky “remix” of an old Amiga-montage of christmas songs that I put out in the demoscene years ago, that you probably haven’t heard.

Julglapp 3 on Saundclaud will get you into the holiday spirit!


Live at Festilab in Avignon

I’m performing in Avignon, France on 18 december. It’s the final party of an exhibition with lots of media archeology, games, glitch and other things by eg FAT Lab, Gijs Gieskes, Eduardo Kac and RYBN. Running now and during next week and definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

The party on the 18th will also have the fantastic cassette performer Tapetronic, the glitch veterans Botburg, aswell as the monstrous Extra Tourist. Visuals by the highly relevant Windows 93.

And one of the organizers behind this is the Freesson collective, who once helped me to make that Micro Colorado silly cowboy thing.


Reasonably Sound Radio Show

The 30th episode of Reasonably Sound has a special on chipmusic, and opens with an Amiga-song I made when I was still a teenager. It might be a bit heavy on the nostalgia and the limitations, but it’s apparently a good listen. I haven’t listened to it yet because I’m on a month-long diet from sound.

Reasonably Sound #30: Bits and Chips


Acidic DJ-mix in Cosmos

Joakim Cosmo, veteran DJ and PETSCII-guru, delivers yet another slow acid DJ-mix, this time featuring two of my songs. Early in the mix is Conny’s Boots mixed together with some nice C64-acid by Raveguru, and some other things. And at the end is an unreleased song of mine, an acid version of the Swedish classic “Sommaren är kort”.

All the songs in the mix was made in Sweden. “I want to show that despite of the hard globalization of electronic dance music, the local styles have survived, because they are affected by, and linked to the environments in which they are produced.”

And btw, in a few days I’m visiting mr. Cosmo to jam with our new project.


Typewriter Tracker

I typed a tracker on a typewriter and posted it on le Instagram. It’s very loud!


Relic Hunters Zero

Relic Hunters Zero is a free game that uses a song by me. Get it here!