Dissing Dubstepin & Housen on Finnish TV

At the Finnish H2Ö-festival I was interviewed by the national public service news. And they included a little quote with me saying that there’s too much house and dubstep influence on chipmusic. Clearly a matter of national interest! Check the clip here while you can, around 9 minutes in.

Really great festival, don’t miss out next year! I only used Amiga and C64 this time, which I haven’t done for probably 10 years. Oh and btw, the same Finnish TV-channel will start hosting the teletext art museum MUTA in August.


Yet Sound Machine – The Book

Yeti Sound Machine was a performance for kids that me and Raquel Meyers did in Paris earlier this year. This is the book with some of the PETSCII graphics from the show. Get it at Lulu.

> Also check out her teletext book, Thread of Fate


Dear Data mix for Ouiedire

A 60-minute mix with music I like, released at Ouiedire. It’s got a bit of everything, from the 50′s on to today. A lot of it was made with lo-fi gear. There’s IDM and ambient made with Gameboy Advance, italo and pr0n-funk and nipple rave made with Amiga, skweee and indie pop made with Gameboy, 1950′s computer music, and assembler rap, MacGyver beats, acid, organ orgasms, top gun chip, atari war propaganda, and so on. Yeah, and the bits of 50′s Swedish computer sounds are from an obscure Datasaab recording…

Check the full playlist and listen.

> Check the other mixes at Ouiedire.


Interview @ Ongaku

There’s an interview at Ongaku where I reveal some of the thoughts and secrets with my latest album, Files in Space. The cassettes sold out quickly, but there’s more stuff coming soon. More about that later.

Meanwhile I prepare my new set for this weekend’s H2Ö in Turku, Finland. Lots and lots of Amiiiggaaa elekktrånikk foonkk!


Boomerang Boy

Here’s the game Boomering Boy, made in 72 hours and using my music.


Live at H2Ö in Turku, Finland

I’m soon playing at the H2Ö-festival in Turku, Finland along with Mad Professor, O Samuli A, Mr Velcro Fastener, Sagor & Swing, Videovalvontaa and plenty more. C u there, perkelizimo!


V/A: Chiptune Charity 5 (Groupees MP3)

Chiptune Charity 5 is a bundle of music, games & other stuff that you can get by paying minimum $1. Files in Space is one of the albums on there. Also, whoever donates the most gets to control me making music for 1 hour. I will be your Dataslav!

Will run for two weeks only. Choose for part of your contribution to be donated to the International Society for Children with Cancer. Featuring Chipocrite, Goto80, Zabutom, Popcornkid!, Mizkai, Carf and more. 2 weeks only.


Munch Munch Boom

A game where you have to prevent fast food from entering this human. Features my Amiga song Datagroove. Munch Munch Boom by Julio Cumana on Vimeo.


Sold Out

9 days later and Files in Space is a sell out. All 100 cassettes are gone! You can still get it on Bandcamp as MP3/FLAC. I’ve been told that iTunes will, after a long thought about Unicode sourcery in databases, make the songs available aswell. But renamed to fit a 1960′s text protocol instead. Such retro.

Spotify thought that the last track (with C64-data encoded as audio, sounding sort of like a fax noise) was corrupt, so they’ve been delayed too. But it might end up there eventually, I suppose. Maybe even with proper song titles.

> Photo by echolevel


Remute’s Crack, Games and Techno Mix

My Mega Amiga song is in this mix, mixed together with Rob Hubbard and Alexander Robotnick. Also features Dr. Vector, little-scale, Da Jormas, RAF Mega Mix, Phuture, Dubmood, Romeo Knight, etc.


Crackers Hate Unicode

This is how the scene group Shelter dealt with the file names of my new release Files in Space. Only 12 cassettes left now, so.. yeah.. don’t download this criminal content! Total Cassette Commerce Today!


Nyhlin’s Killer Piller Remix

Nyhlin made this jumpy cover of Killer Piller a while ago, and now it’s available on his new album on Spotify so go-go!

> The original version (2007)