Two Hour Radio Special

The Canadian radio show Infinibit just ran a two-hour special with yours truly. A varied selection of old and new that you can listen to here.

Also, I’m doing two talks, one gig and a workshop in Canada soon.


Canada, Argentina, Mexico, USA

Upcoming dates:

Montréal, 25 november: Keynote speaker @ IO Symposium
Montréal, 25 november: Workshop @ IO Symposium
Montréal, 26 november: Live @ Toy Company
Waterloo, 29 november: Talk @ Waterloo University (cancelled)
Buenos Aires, 3 december: Live @ Blipblop End of the world party
México City, 10 december: Live @ Format.DF
New York, 17 december: Live @ Babycastles


Photos from Philly

Marjorie Becker (aka Chiptography) took some photos at 8static fest. Good times, with crazy singalong actionz to heal the wounds.

For those who don’t know, Marjorie has a very impressive collection of photos from chip-related events.


DUBCRT on Groupees

Now you can get DUBCRT and a bunch of C64-games for as little as 2 moneys! RETURN Magazine has bundled 7 games together with (the audio-portion of) DUBCRT.

Get it here (throughout November).

Looking for the actual cartridge? Shareware Plus are making new ones that will be available in the phuture.


Interview & Review

I was interviewed in the C64 diskmag Vandalism News #66, talking about USA and defMON and DUBCRT and 80864 and camels and other things.

Oh and btw, Chipwin did a review of 80864 saying that even if it’s house music, it’s pretty decent. Alright then.


8static Festival, Philadelphia

Hey, I’m coming back to Philly soon to play the 3-day 8static Festival, which is one of the biggest chip-events in USA nowadays, I think? People like Cheap Dinosaurs, Saskrotch, fearofdark, Danimal Cannon and Nullsleep are playing. Check the full line-up here.


My First Battle of the Bits Contribution

I’ve been a member since I was a wee little lad running in the fields of glory. But I never submitted a track. Until now. So here is my first contribution to Battle of the Bits – the not enough known chip community that has outlived most of the other ones.

It’s an Amiga song, built around a short loop that my brother made back in his Amiga days. There’s no real ending to the song, because it’s supposed to loop – like all the Amiga chiptunes in the 1990′s did.


Essay for Rhizome about videotex art

I wrote a text for Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology. It’s an online exhibition that just started, and will go on for two years to show old and new net art.

I was asked to write about Reabracadabra, made by Eduardo Kac in 1985. It’s made for videotex, an early network technology sort of like a two-way teletext that was successful pretty much only in France, with the Minitel.

It’s a fascinating (and forgotten) technology, and I’m glad Rhizome helps to bring this forth. I for one am going to keep on digging into the videotex world at if not somewhere else.


Live in Austin (last week)

Somehow I forgot to blog about the show in Austin that I took part in for Halloween. After a successful indiegogo campaign, they raised enough money to bring me over from California and Colorado, take down the wrestling ring in a beer brewery, and throw a great party!

I have upcoming shows and talks in Philadelphia, Montreal, Waterloo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and New York. Will try to be a bit more informative about those..


V/A: Rhythmus Records Presents…

I have a little soft reggae song (!?) on this compilation from Rhythmus Records, along with artists like Monodeer, dkstr, Firedrill and KeFF. Get it on Bandcamp.

I guess the idea for this song was to make 1990′s mainstream reggae, in some sort of chipstyle. Good idea, right?


Videohaters video

This is a video recording of Videohaters, a video song out now on 80864.


80864 out now!

My new album, 80864, presents 2 years of experiments with the TR-808 and C-64. It’s out on 12″ floppy style vinyl, cassette and for download. If you buy the vinyl you also get 7 bonus tracks digitally. I think at least half of the vinyls and cassettes have already been pre-ordered, so don’t be lazy! Read more about it here.

Bandcamp for downloads, vinyls and cassettes
Spotify for streaming