Reasonably Sound Radio Show

The 30th episode of Reasonably Sound has a special on chipmusic, and opens with an Amiga-song I made when I was still a teenager. It might be a bit heavy on the nostalgia and the limitations, but it’s apparently a good listen. I haven’t listened to it yet because I’m on a month-long diet from sound.

Reasonably Sound #30: Bits and Chips


Acidic DJ-mix in Cosmos

Joakim Cosmo, veteran DJ and PETSCII-guru, delivers yet another slow acid DJ-mix, this time featuring two of my songs. Early in the mix is Conny’s Boots mixed together with some nice C64-acid by Raveguru, and some other things. And at the end is an unreleased song of mine, an acid version of the Swedish classic “Sommaren är kort”.

All the songs in the mix was made in Sweden. “I want to show that despite of the hard globalization of electronic dance music, the local styles have survived, because they are affected by, and linked to the environments in which they are produced.”

And btw, in a few days I’m visiting mr. Cosmo to jam with our new project.


Typewriter Tracker

I typed a tracker on a typewriter and posted it on le Instagram. It’s very loud!


Relic Hunters Zero

Relic Hunters Zero is a free game that uses a song by me. Get it here!


Europe in 8 Bits on Swedish TV

The chipmusic documentary Europe in 8 Bits was aired on Swedish public service TV (SVT) and is available to stream for a few weeks. I’ve written more extensively here, but in short: check it out! (I think it costs like $2.95 to download)

FYI the documentary was renamed to “Chip Music – plipp och plopp får nytt liv” which roughly translates to “Chip Music – bleep and bloop gets new life”. The description of the documentary reads something like: Now, 20 years after Super Mario, enthusiasts are ripping the chips out of the Gameboys to create a new kind of electronica. It’s not just about nostalgia but also a protest against the opinion that new computer technology is better than previous ones.

Myeah, well.. hmm..


Blood & ASCII Graffiti

I made a new ASCII graffiti piece, this time in colour. I made stencils for characters like / and _ and sprayed them one by one. This was a practice round for what I will do at the PLATINE festival in Cologne soon.

I started the day by catching a shaver falling from the skies with my hand and then cutting myself with a knife, which made this a very non-digital experience. Set in mO’sOul’s Amiga font!


Cologne: Concert & ASCII graffiti

I’m playing at Evoke in Cologne this weekend. It’s a demoscene event with concerts each night, so come on over!

After that it’s the PLATINE festival in Cologne, that features a text mode exhibition. This should be really good, with some of the best text artists around. What’s more, I’m going to do some ASCII graffiti there, so wish me luck. ü/


Digital Nimbus Radio Show

Digital Nimbus #579 is available for download or stream and is two hours of mysterious and pleasant IDM. Two songs from my latest release is in there along with artists like Boards of Canada, Meat Beat Manifesto, Barbiss Trysand, and Cosmic Mind Warp.


Italian Prog Bit

The sort of old Italian prog band Armonite asked me to add some sounds to their song Insert Coin for the album The Sun is New Each Day. A nice album somewhere inbetween progressive rock and classical music (??), mastered at le Abbey Road Studios.

I like how my saw waves mix with the violin, and in this setting the triangle waves get a more flutey character than usually. Sometimes it’s even tricky to say what’s what. Man machine prog! Prog.prg.

Btw, you might also want to check out The Ferret Show, where I performed my songs together with a jazz band and with PETSCII visuals by Raquel Meyers.


Klubb Tu666ummi

This excellent video flyer for Klubb Tu666ummi with claymation has music by me. Actually, it’s from a song that was made as a Custom8-order. You’re not really supposed to order songs from Custom8 – more like genres/styles and then I compile already made songs – but some people succeed to get custom songs, apparently. 8=)


Video for Break34

Rosa Mannen, the notorious pink Swedish file sharer who the sceners know as Dj Cat/Keso, has made a video for an old song of mine – again. This time it’s Break34, a C64-song inspired by 80′s “breakdance music”. Just like with his last video the video is a montage from an 1990′s Swedish TV-show, this time Bingolotto!



HeadBall is a game by Uubu that uses my old Amiga tune Influensa.