DataDoor Groupee

For as little as one and a half money you can download a whole bunch of DataDoor releases, as well as a unique recording of a live jam I did on the radio in Adelaide, Australia in 2015, with a C64, SX64 and Ray Manta’s effect pedals.

There’s the DataDoor sampler, Boulderdash, two albums of mine, 2x G.I.S., and Jeff Symons & Cameron Bonde. These are all good kind of IDM kind of chip kind of something. And if you throw some more moneys you get vinyls and tapes and worldwide shipping and eternal sunshine.

Remute presents: DataDoor


ST-FM – Celebrating ST-01 and 02

ST-FM is a collection of songs based on ST-01 and ST-02, two Amiga sample packs from 1987. Maybe the most used sample packs in the world? I gathered 15 composers together – old legends, sceners, and others – to make new music with these classic sounds, as well as ilKke for graphics and Yonx & Bob for the coding of the music disk.

Check it outz!

> HTML5 music disk
> cassette/Bandcamp.

This is the first release on protoDATA, the new sublabel to Data Airlines. I’ll be involved in many more projects on protoDATA in the future, so stay tuned!


Stormdata, Amiga Chiptune

My Amiga chiptune contribution for Datastorm, which ended up #3 in the competition. I even managed to squeeze some vocals into this 20 kb tune!

I also released a tune made together with DJ Cat: Knäckta av FLT. I made that song 20 years ago, and DJ Cat added vocals to it recently.

At Datastorm we also showed Hack n’ Trade’s Megademo 2, which was made 21 years ago, and was almost 100% finished at the party. We’ll get back to that later..


C64 Ambient For Datastorm Breakfast

I’ll play some C64 ambient at Datastorm in Gothenburg on Saturday morning, as the poor demosceners are refuelling with breakfast. I will improvise from scratch with nothing but defMON and a delay pedal, and also over recordings of previous improvisations. I do the best improvisations, so this improvisation will be double best. Truly great.

So, Datastorm is one of the most popular Amiga/8-bit demoscene parties around. Tickets sold out in three minutes this time! So if you don’t have a ticket already, you will have to try to run past the notoriously hard 1337 entrance guards who can crack your life, in order to catch all the good stuff.

Stay safe out there.


50564: Goto80 vs Pulselooper

Me and Pulselooper made this jam together when I was in Sao Paulo. He used a madly circuit bent TR-505 and I did the defMON on C-64. Enjoy the show!


Video: Stanley’s Trauma

Stanley’s Trauma, a video by Raquel Meyers and me with PETSCII-spewing techno robots. The song is from 80864.


DUBCRT feature

There’s a long feature on DUBCRT in RESET Magazine #9.5, that you can pdf-read here. Tim from DataDoor talks about the background and inspirations to the project and me, 4mat and iLKke say a few things as well.

As mentioned in the interview, a new batch will be made soon so stay sharp if you don’t want to miss it! Uh, meaning: stay tuned at Shareware PLUS.


Slovenian Jams, Panels & Performances

Two shows in Ljubljana coming up:

Feb 2: MENT festival/conference, as part of the Kamizdat night. I’ll also be in the panel talk FREE/LIBRE MUSIC: ARTIST’S MEDICINE OR POISON?

Feb 6: ZVO.?I.TI ( DUO, doing a solo C64 improv set and a joint performance together with Luka Prin?i? (Nova deViator).


Demobit, Bratislava

Demobit is a demoparty in Bratislava, Slovakia 27-29 January. I’ll play there with Zden as VJ – one of my favourite demo makers on the PC. We played together at one of the oldest techno clubs in Germany last summer (thanks Exlepäng!), and now we’re going to up the game!


V/A: Kooky Nuts Pop (Darling Dada MP3)

Kooky Nuts Pop is a great new compilation to celebrate 10 years of the radio show Istota Ss?ca with Gelbart, Satanicpornocultshop, The Toilet, Wankers United, Ljudit Andersson, DKSTR and about 30 others. Oh yeah and me, remixing Eat Rabbit.

If you’re into the weird, you’re into this! Check it out at Darling Dada!


Frum dafoiewjfei wfodwf

I made a collaboration song with Koolskull when I was in Los Angeles, and he’s now put it out on his album TEMPLE OF SLIME. Ariel Pink is on there too. Cool, huh?

Frum dafoiewjfei wfodwf (feat. Goto80)

Feel free to speculate about some more collaboration tracks coming out in 2017?!


Live @ MAGFest, Washington DC

Hey I’m playing at the spectacle of MAGFest this weekend, along with le chiptuners, game rockers, and all of that chipbang. I’ll bring some of the very last copies of the 80864-tape, as well as 0407 and some surprise copies of my 2005 Commodore Grooves CD-album – with hot multimedia action!